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Implementing and Facilitating Lean "Huddles" (L003-2)

This course provides an introduction to a importsnt asset for high-performing teams, the "Daily Huddle". Your course includes;

- What is the Lean Huddle?
- Facilitating a Daily Huddle
- Recommended agenda
- Keys to Huddle Success
- Traps to avoid
- The Visibility/Huddle Board
- The PICK Chart

Estimated effort: 30 minutes (including exercises, if applicable)

COURSE MATERIALS: Included in your course materials is a "workbook" that offers a 3-slide per page booklet that you can download and/or print for note taking. Additional templates and other required resources are also included your course files.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: You can assess your understanding of the topics presented in this course by completing the test at the end of the course.
  • L003-2-Implementing and Facilitating Lean Huddles
  • Test your knowledge!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed