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Writing Effective Problem Statements (L002-1)

This course teaches you how to use the 5W2H method to write effective problem statements, a key first step in solving a problem and improving processes. Topics include;

- Introduction to 5W2H Method
- Barriers to focusing on a problem
- Key elements of a problem statement
- How to write a great problem statement
- Mondai: The FREE Lean Six Sigma mobile app

Estimated effort: 1 hour

BEFORE YOU START THE COURSE: Download the files listed on this page (see below). They can also be downloaded at any time during the training from he files TAB located top right of the training screen. You may wish to print the "Presentation Workbook" which is in a 3-slide per page format with sections for taking notes. You may be prompted at various times during the presentation to pause the recording and complete a brief assignment or answer questions. There is also a resource page that contains links to other sites and tools that will be referenced during your training.

COURSE ELEMENTS: Your course includes a main presentation (video), supplemental articles and, if applicable, links to supplemental recommended resources. Note: Your course test is only based on the content provided in the main presentation (video).
  • RPM-L002-1-Writing Effective Problem Statements.wmv
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever